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Intuitive Reading with Lori Watts.

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With a desire to help people find peace, I provide an intuitive psychic reading designed to help guide your choices. In an intuitive reading, I focus on giving you accurate information so that you can make the best decisions for yourself, rather than me telling you what to do!

I’ve been using my intuitive skills to provide clear insight for over 17 years. I became aware of my intuitive abilities in childhood, and have since spent decades honing my unique talent of reading energy and providing counsel in both practical and spiritual matters.

As I traveled to many sacred, spiritual places around the world, I realized that the most spiritual place is actually within each of us. During an intuitive reading session, I’ll connect with your essence and give you tools and the information you are seeking. I can clearly see all the facets of your life and consequently how they connect together. As you seek answers to issues of health, money, career, relationships and spiritual matters, I’ll assist you in determining how to effectively create your desired reality.


While no topics are off limits from our discussions during an intuitive reading, I do specialize in a few specific topics. These topics include:

  • Performing medical intuitive readings (my advice is clear, but I do not have any medical training and am not providing medical advice)
  • Acting as an animal communicator
  • Performing a love psychic reading to help you determine what is happening in your romantic relationships
  • Discussing past lives and their impact
  • Communicating with those that have passed

Whatever topic or challenge is on your mind, I can help you to work through it and feel more peace during your life decisions! Learn more about my services and specialties or contact me to schedule a reading. I can’t wait to meet and connect with you for a more fulfilling life!

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