intuitive readings

Intuitive Readings by Lori Watts

Lori provides professional intuitive readings for people who are interested in getting their questions answered in all aspects of their lives.

What Are Intuitive Readings? What Am I Actually Doing?

I read the energy around you and listen to beings, guides and angels during the reading. Energy is present in everything we do, and each of our thoughts holds a certain vibration or frequency. My intuitive ability allows me to see this energy and gain insight into how it relates to any other scenario in your world. It is as if there are many tethers between us and everything around us. Being intuitive is another way of saying I am psychic. I like to use the word intuitive as I feel that it is a softer, less derogatory term. After all, I’m not wearing a scarf on my head and looking into a crystal ball!

intuitive readings


intuitive readings


intuitive readings

Intuitive Life Coaching

Once I tap into your energy, I can see any and everything related to you – and how it is attached to you. When you come for a session with me, the topics are limitless. This includes other people. From each of these people, I can see all that is attached to them and so on. This spectrum includes plants and animals as well. We really are all one! The network of connections allows me to provide a wide amount of information about your health, well-being, and life.




intuitive readings

The Mission of a Session with Lori

As I read your energies and tethers to the people, animals, and situations all around you, I am able to lay out a map to help you see your specific scenario as it exists now. You’ll see how the pieces of your life are connected and how they fit together. With this information, you can make your own choices of where to make changes in your life or whether to stay with the status quo. The process of a reading with Lori, from the beginning to the end, is all done with no judgement or expectations; you are the driver of your own life.
My mission is to provide you insight and information about the connections in your life so that you can feel informed and equipped to make decisions during life’s challenging moments. I will help you see what is all around you on the road, so that you can decide what is best for you or just simply to gain some additional insight during your session with Lori Watts.

About Intuitive Lori Watts

From my childhood, I realized that I did not see or experience the world in the same way that others did. As I learned more about why this was, I discovered a passion for helping people through my innate intuitive guidance. Since then, I’m continually working to evolve my skills through spiritual travel and working with other intuitives to hone my understanding. Learn more about my journey and skills as an intuitive.

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