Psychic Intuitive Readings with Lori Watts

I step out of the way and listen, while calling in only the highest, most pure energy to assist you during your session. My goal is to relay the information that I get for you in a clean, clear, helpful manner. Although at times I may use some keywords like spirit or guides, I do my best to relay the information you seek in a functional way so that you can use and understand it.

I stay away from ethereal terms during my readings, just to make things a bit easier to process and comprehend. When you call a plumber, you don’t ask him to explain the technicalities of his profession, you just ask him to fix the sink!

We all have to function in this very dense energy we call life. I always strive to provide you information and encourage you to make your own decisions.

My Specialties

  • Intuitive Life Coach
  • Psychic Intuitive Readings
  • Relationship Psychic
    • Interpersonal Relationships (family, friends, romance)
    • Work and Work Relationships
  • Past Lives
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  • Medical Intuitive

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Medical Readings

I often do medical readings and am able to see and hear what is going on with you and why. Most, but not all, health issues are related to how we think. The thoughts create a vibration and the energy needs to move and flow through us. When this energy is trapped by our thoughts, it becomes stagnant and causes disease; literally disease in some form. Again, it’s all about how I can gain insight through your energy.

Many people come to me with questions regarding their medications and supplements. I am able to help them determine if they are an effective addition to their health regimen, or if the medication they are prescribed is something that is necessary or an accurate dosage. This is one of the areas that I have the most accuracy with.

I have no medical training, however, I do see things accurately and clearly. I always encourage clients to listen to their medical professionals.

How Do Psychic Intuitive Readings Work?

I always encourage people to interrupt me or ask me to slow down during intuitive readings. After all, this is about you! I have been blessed enough that everyone who has had a session with me has been pleased with the outcome. My clients will often say how much better they feel, or how the information helped them to understand more of what is happening.

Once I give you the information, I always leave the door open for a phone call with questions later. Often, people will think of a question that relates to the situation a few hours or even a day later. It can be a lot of information to take in.

The truth is, you do know what is going on. Sometimes it’s just nice to have things laid out and explained to help you feel validated. You always know the truth when you hear it. Readings done by intuitive psychics can just help to expedite the process.