Can We Talk with Animals?

One of the first things to know and recognize is that in “talking” with animals we have to use other senses. Yes, they recognize some of the words we say simply through repetition. Things like “walk” or “treat” will make our dogs and cats do silly and cute things giving us the impression that we are in fact communicating with them clearly. Perhaps we are in some surface level way.

However, our animal friends are far more in tune than we give them credit for. They are able to pick up and sense things from other frequencies. Animals actually use a form of telepathy. They actually speak in pictures!
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What Is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is the process of using telepathic techniques to understand and communicate with animals. An animal communicator (or animal medium) is a person who has exceptional telepathic abilities.

Pictures with emotion behind it is even more effective. No words needed.

Simply visualizing a scene in your mind of the route you might take on a walk or filling your suitcase before you take it out of the closet will tip them off to what is going on. Add to the picture of your suitcase in your mind a feeling of excitement that you may be going to the beach and believe me they will understand what is going on.

The same goes for listening to them. With your eyes closed, ask your pet what it is that they are feeling. As silly as is feels and sounds, go with the first impression that you get. I chose the word impression intentionally. It will most likely be a feeling or a simple “knowing” of a dynamic or feeling that you pick up.

The key to this is to come from a calm and relaxed state of mind yourself. Animals are very keen to our state of being at all times. This is all a matter of exercising this other sense that we as humans have chosen not to use.

How Does Animal Communication Work?

Animals try to communicate with you all the time. They want to tell you what they are feeling, what happened to them, and how we can make make their life better.

Communication with animals is possible through an animal communicator. An animal communicator’s job is to help facilitate communication between animal and man. Often times this practice takes place between a pet and an owner.   

We can use telepathy to interpret and translate these thoughts and feelings into understandable information.

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What Are the Benefits of Using an Animal Communicator?

Animal communication sessions can deeply connect you with your animal companions. Our sessions will help you:

Solve emotional issues

Just like humans, animals have fears, phobias, and other emotions. Your pet feels grief for a lost loved one, just like you do. We can learn how our pets feel, so we can better understand their emotions and help them heal.

Solve behavioral issues

Sometimes you believe your pet has behavioral issues when you see them act out. Your pet is actually trying to communicate to you how they feel, which is being misinterpreted along the way.

Prepare for changing family dynamics

Your pets may not be prepared for a change in the household. A change in the family structure can either be arrivals, departures, new pet friends, babies, relatives moving in, or any other kind of family structure change.

Prepare for surgery

Through animal communication, we can shorten the recovery time for a pet significantly. Proper animal communication will prepare your pet for any kind of surgical procedure.

Resolve separation

To you, a simple trip to the grocery store is not a big deal. To your pet however, they may think you’re gone forever. In more extreme cases, your pet may act out from stress and concern. Animal communication can help resolve the trigger factors that result in bed pet behavior.

Recover from trauma

Just like you, your pet is affected by events every day. Some of these events, like injury or death, can emotionally traumatize your pet.

Prepare for travel

Whether it is just you who is traveling, or both you and your pet, a change in your pet’s everyday routine can cause stress. In some cases, your pet’s stress may lead to unwanted or extreme behavior changes.

Help with accepting death and dying

A departure doesn’t have to be as difficult as it usually is. An animal communication session can help you and your pet through the painful time of death. You and your animal can find peace by openly communicating about the dying process.

Reconnecting in the afterlife

An animal communicator can help reconnect you with an animal who has went to the other side.

Interested in communicating with your animal? Lori Watts is a trained intuitive psychic medium and animal medium who can help you better understand your animal friend. 

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